Few words about
our story

The History of Alzahabia

Established in 2003, and was located in Al-Obour industrial city. After 7 years of proven success, and in 2010 the company entered into a merging and expansion venture,

And started to operate under the commercial name ( Golden Metal Company ), In the period of 18 years, the company achieved more than expected due to the vast and long experience that the founders enjoyed for more than 4 decades. Due to the passing of one of the main cofounder.

We decided to operate once again under the commercial name of ( EL ZAHABIA manufacturing & trading co.) And still maintaining its import brand ( GMT ), and its finishing accessories in the market in addition to other brands for Accessories, Gypsum Boards and Systems Profiles.

EL ZAHABIA, WALLS & CEILING PROFESSIONALS, is among the largest in the field of manufacturing accessories for Suspended Ceiling being Gypsum, Metal Tiles & Metal Strips, as well as Gypsum wall and partitions.


Successful Projects


Export Markets


Years of Experience

Our Mission and Vision

EL ZAHABIA, and its products, has gained and earn the respect, and confidence of its clients by proven professionalism and backed Guarantee in executing and delivering required projects, large or small with the highest international standards of quality.

Is to apply innovation, imagination and intelligence in its works to create an exceptional products & services that enhance and enrich our living in a healthy environment.

Maintain leadership in a fierce and competitive environment through proper use of technology and gained skills as well as, our ethical and lawful dealings & practices.

Our vision for the future includes surpassing our goals and expanding our overseas markets, providing that the local market needs has been fulfilled

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy stems from our firm belief, that Quality can be achieved only by applying all international laws & all requirements to our products during all phases of Production.

We focus and adhere to the highest international standards of quality required by architects and interior designer specially the needs for materials that protect the environment, and are resistant to Fire, Humidity, bacteria and sound reduction.

We know that creating and developing lasting relationships with its customers (current and future) good communication and quality services. are the basis of success .

We realize since day one, that our success was due to our excellent reputation and clients satisfaction. proven by the list of our satisfied clients listed at the end. which is accomplished through pioneering, creativity, integrity, and the talent of our staff of professionals.