PVC Laminated Gypsum Tiles

T. Grid System
March 17, 2022


Made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of PVC on surface and aluminum foil on back. (Gypsum, PVC and aluminum foil are all 100% environmental friendly materials with character of water proof and fire proof.)



• Water proof
• Humidity Resistant
• Thermal Isolated
• Anti Microbial
• Light weight
• Easy to install
• Easy to Access Utilities


Tiles Perforation Types

ZMT supply a vast line of perforated surface of gypsum tiles with variable thickness of 7mm, 9mm and 12mm to be used in buildings that need absorption of sounds. All tiles have square edges and finished with PVC laminated sheets, and back side is lined with non flammable & non woven black fleece. the perforated tiles can achieve noise reduction coefficient up to 0.85 depend on special insolation pads