T. Grid System

Drywalls & Ceiling Systems
March 17, 2022
PVC Laminated Gypsum Tiles
March 15, 2022


The accessories are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets and the visible part only fabricated from pre-painted white steel sheets as the Flat grid type, or fabricated all (the grid body) from pre-painted white steel sheets as Ultra line type. Utilizes automatic punching and cutting machines. Engineered for perfectly aligned ceiling with rapid assembly and disassembly for repair and renovation. Designed with maximum flexibility for either conventional or diagonal lay-out.



ZMT provides two types of fire rated exposed ceiling Grid systems: - Flat T24 - T15
- Ultra Line ( UL15 )
- Easy Installation and Low Cost
- Suitable for many types of tiles ( PVC, GB, Mineral Fiber, Metal ... etc )
- Easy access to services areas
- Fabricated from Corrosion resistant materials,
( salt spray test 96 hours ).



Hangers Alternatives
Perimeter angles